About Us

CannonbalAbout Usl Express was started in 1970 to serve the local delivery needs of Nebraska Warehouse, our Public Warehouse operation, which had been serving the Omaha community since 1957.


Part of the warehouse business included the delivery of intermodal trailers to the warehouse. With spare time to fill, we began serving intermodal customers throughout the Omaha Metropolitan area. As a natural next step, we began providing intermodal service to users within 300 miles of the Omaha railhead. The intermodal service changed from vans to containers, we also acquired a large number of chassis to accommodate the changing industry trends. As the transportation industry grew and changed we found the need to include flatbeds, pup trailers, and lift gates to continue to serve the needs of our customers.


The 1990’s opened our eyes to the field of “Logistics”. We had been providing a wide range of logistics services for many years; we just didn’t know it had such a fancy name.  In 1995, Roger Montgomery brought his fleet of ten refrigerated LTL operators into our operation.  We saw the need and potential of this growing refrigerated and frozen LTL business. With our warehouse and logistics experience and Rogers’ expertise in the specialized niche he had developed, we have grown and nurtured the business into the operation that is now flourishing and still growing.


Our over-the-road fleet consists of 50 Power Units, utilizing Owner Operators specifically trained in the LTL delivery business. Our current operation gathers most of our freight from a 250-mile area surrounding Omaha.  We receive most of our orders by Wednesday of each week, route the freight on Thursday, and make all of our appointments for the following week by Friday.  We pick up the freight on Thursday and Friday, bring it into our cross-dock, sort and reload the product on Friday and Saturday, and have the freight delivered by Wednesday of the following week.

The Junction

Since April of 2000, we have partnered with multiple freight brokers to provide the same service we have been providing throughout the eastern part of the country to the western half of the country. We can now provide delivery to all 48 states on a weekly basis. With our growth, we hope to expand our delivery schedule to several days through the week.  We currently exclusively partner with our sister company The Junction for all loads that ship west of Omaha.

LTL Shipping

Generally we hire drivers and contract with owner-operators with experience in the area of LTL delivery. We try to have the same driver deliver to the same area each week so drivers and receivers become familiar with each other, which allows us to give the service that we consistently provide.  All of our trailers have vented bulkheads so they can carry a combination of fresh and frozen product. Most drivers carry their own pallet jacks to accommodate the increasingly difficult unloading obstacles that are commonplace in the industry. Our drivers and staff are trained to be as flexible as possible to meet every requirement that our customers and your customers expect.

Give us a call. Better yet, give us a try, and be amazed at the service we provide.

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