Please contact us for for point to point rates

Accessorial Charges:

Chassis Charge $45
Chassis Pick Up Fee $45
Chassis Rental Per Day $30
Chassis Termination Fee $45
Crossdock Charges $100



Pricing is for basic charges and are subject to change based on the load

1-6 Pallets

7-12 Pallets

13-24 Pallets



Fuel Surcharge Varies/Based on National Average
Pallets $11 per pallet
Per Diem Varies Greatly by Steamship
Pick Up Charge Varies By Pick Up Location
Secured Storage in Our Yard $60 Includes 7 days storage, $10 per day after that
Shag/Hour $75
Specialized/Overweight Chassis $75
Stop Charge $75
Tarps $8
Combo Diaper $18 per pallet
Unloading Varies
Wait Time $65 per hour (after 2 hours)
Layover $350 per day
Out of Route Miles $2.20 per mile
Freight Marking $55 per hour
Redelivery Charge $100 per stop plus out of route miles


*Please note, unless otherwise indicated all LTL rates are based on a minimum pallet weight of 1,700 lbs.