Intermodal Technology

Part of our quality intermodal service is an advanced dispatch system technology that allows us to provide ongoing real-time information for your container management.

This technology has been specifically designed for Intermodal Trucking and provides all the functionality you need to run and grow your business. When you allow Profit Tools to automate your operation you’re covered from orders to invoice, to customer service with powerful software that can be configured to meet your business needs.


Our Operations Management Platform forms the core of our Profit Tools. It includes Order Management, Shipment Summary, Basic Rating, Basic Freight Dispatch, Load Builder, Operational Reports, Customer Contact Management, Employee Database, and Search History.


Our mission is providing the highest quality service for our customers with an uncompromising commitment to excellence. We value your business and the trust you put in us. We will provide our services safely and efficiently to ensure your success.

Additional Profit Tools modules are available to meet more specific requirements.

Technology Benefits Include:

  • Automated emailing of Proof of Delivery (POD)
  • Email notifications for as many or as few events as needed during the delivery cycle. For example, when an order is entered, dispatched, completed, etc.
  • Custom reporting sent as frequently as every 30 minutes
  • Weekly invoicing sent via email or postal services. Charges can be provided prior to invoicing if the dray has been completed.