Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain

Like it or not, artificial intelligence is set to take over your world. It may well have already done so and if you’re in business, it’s coming at breakneck speed. There can be few doubts that AI is going to … Read More

How to choose an MHE Provider?

When you consider the current practices of material handling equipment, it doesn’t take long to realize that they were built on really traditional and even archaic models. These were most often installed with retail and wholesale channels in mind. That’s not … Read More

Online Grocery Shopping, Ready to Compete?

Online grocery shopping was considered as a luxury service in population dense, select areas. However, this has now changed and it is quite common in many areas throughout the United States. In fact, it is a $10 billion a year … Read More

Can Reefer Trailers Carry Dry Freight?

When it comes to shipping dry freight, many shippers do not think about using a reefer trailer for their shipments. This is actually a big mistake as shippers could save anywhere from six to fifteen percent on their shipments if … Read More

Reefer Shipping Outlook for 2019

When it comes to reefer shipping outlook in 2019, there is actually a lot to be hopeful about. The bottom line is that the reefer shipping outlook for 2019 is extremely good. In this article, will be exploring some of … Read More

Transportation Liability: Two Common Myths

Transportation liability in short means who takes responsibility in the event of damage or loss to a cargo shipment during transport. In some cases, the client can be held responsible if the damages are a result of the cargo itself, … Read More

Cold Chain Shipping Facts

Cold chain shipping is a vital process for transporting items that are sensitive to changes in temperature. This often includes shipping items for the medical industry, such as samples, vaccines, antivenom and medications that should be kept at an optimal, … Read More

LTL Cargo Liability & Importance of Insurance

If you’re in the LTL cargo business, then one of the most important things you should learn to understand is the importance of having insurance – if you don’t, then you’re putting your clients at undue risk, and you might … Read More

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