How Much US Pork Production is Exported?

How much US Pork Production is Exported?

Many companies around the globe are battling against the effects of African Swine Fever on local pork production. As a result, US pork exports are rising as countries look to fulfill consumer demand in affected areas. Countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, and China are severely affected by ASF, and populations in these regions rely heavily on pork as a staple food in their diet.

How Much US Pork Production Is Exported?

Experts expect US pork production to be less affected by the spread of ASF and other diseases. Diseases include porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED), porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), swine flu, and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae.

The use of gene editing and vaccine programs was approved in pork husbandry by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The USDA is responsible for regulating cattle, sheep, swine, goats, horses, mules, and other equine.

Regulations and confinement systems are used by most hog producers. Confinement production systems, have specialized, environmentally modified facilities. Allowing year-round production that protects the animals from seasonal weather changes, disease exposure, and predators year over year.

The Pork Trade

The United States produces 11% of the global pork supply. Total pork and pork variety meat exports through November 2023 were valued at $7.4 billion. This is up 5% from the same period dating to 2022.

Total US pork exports through November 2023 measured 2.6 million metric tons, up 8% from 2022 volumes. Emerging markets present the biggest export opportunities for the US pork market. Asian consumers value and trust the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) label.

The USDA label on pork products available internationally carries a sense of quality, reliability, safety, and nutrition. According to data from USMEF, exports account for 29.1% of total pork production.

Top 10 US Pork Production Export Markets by Value

In 2023, the top export markets for US pork producers were the following countries. These figures are representative of the increase or decrease in the value of volumes shipped in 2022. Hog prices can contribute to these trends.

    1. Mexico +15%
    2. Japan -7%
    3. China -6%
    4. Canada +1%
    5. South Korea -2%
    6. Dominican Republic +23%
    7. Columbia +23%
    8. Australia +75%
    9. Honduras +23%
    10. Philippines -15%
    11. Other Global Markets +30%

Top 10 National Pork Production Markets by Volume

Let’s compare the top 10 US pork export markets by volume to the value figures mentioned previously. These figures are in thousand metric tons and compared to the 2022 figures.

    • Mexico +13%
    • China -4%
    • Japan -5%
    • Canada +12%
    • South Korea +4%
    • Dominican Republic +20%
    • Columbia -6%
    • Australia +87%
    • Honduras +23%
    • Philippines +14%
    • Other Global Markets +36%

Current US Pork Branding Campaigns

Like all meat products, US pork relies on branding campaigns to drive demand. Let’s look at the two primary branding campaigns for this market.

Real Pork

This campaign is more than branding; it encompasses the identity of the pork industry, from farm to fork. The Real Pork campaign promotes stories about pork consumption, hog production, farming, and how Americans feel about pork consumption.

It’s an integrated platform discussing and promoting the benefits of consuming pork. This includes the flavor, easy preparation and cooking, and consumer attitudes toward the meat.

The Other White Meat

Since its launch, “The Other White Meat” campaign has gained traction in the US consumer market and abroad. According to a study by Northwestern University, The Other White Meat campaign is the fifth most memorable tagline in the history of modern food marketing.

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