E-Commerce Growth and What it Means for Flatbed Shipping

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E-commerce is one of the current buzzwords in the shipping industry and all over the world. With so many retailers turning to online stores, the shipping industry is set for a change.

E-Commerce Growth and What it Means for Flatbed Shipping

Moving goods from one place to the other may seem like a long race, but it is actually a relay that has several handoffs. One of those handoffs is flatbed shipping providers who offer mass transport and a wholesale rate. With an increase in online sales, one has to wonder what that growth will mean for flatbed shipping providers.

Why E-commerce Is Growing

In the past, retail relied on consumers physically going to the store for their purchases and then driving their products home. While this is still occurring, the numbers are drastically lower than they have been for the past several decades. Many consumers are turning to the net to find their daily needs and buy online. As a result, they’re skipping the trip to the store and the cost of transportation.

This is happening for a few reasons. Shopping online and even making returns is much easier than ever. You no longer have to worry about getting stuck with products that you don’t like or even ones that you did not actually order. Additionally, more people are skipping in-person trips to avoid exposure to COVID-19 and other concerns. Let’s face it, no one wants to get sick and if you can buy online from the comfort of your own home, chances are you will choose that option over in-person shopping.

Why Are Shipping Companies Affected?

With consumers no longer being the final step in a product journey, retailers and commercial venders are being tasked with transportation as well as product fulfillment. This of course means that shipping companies, which include flatbed shipping providers, are required to do much more than ever before. Their role in the supply chain has turned from a cog into part of the wheel that makes the whole system run. A lot of retail companies are increasing their shipping perks for their end consumers and placing more strain on their shipping companies. While consumers are getting free shipping, flatbed shippers, and other delivery providers in the chain, are being asked to do more for less.

What Does This Mean For Flatbed Shippers?

Changes in shipping mean that more flatbed trucking companies will be needed. However, the frequency of those needs will change. Industry insiders have already noticed that smaller shipments are being placed on flatbed trailers which will lead to the creation and sale of smaller trucks 24 foot long trucks and 28-ft reefers will be the norm going into the next decade.

The market is growing at a fast clip and is not going anywhere, simply the size and speed of flatbed deliveries will change. Many households and businesses alike have automatic shipments that are being delivered by retailers or manufacture directly as opposed to big-box shippers like UPS and FedEx. These deliveries are often made from the back of a flatbed, as opposed to a box van.

Flatbed Shipping Growth Prospects

Shipping companies have been handling overflow eCommerce sales from big retailers like Amazon. Many shipping companies have gone so far as to offer their services directly to retailers in the same way. This has allowed brick-and-mortar stores to function on par with some of the biggest e-retailers out there. Flatbed shipping companies are also included in the number that are offering their freight services nationwide. With an ever-increasing number of companies moving the bulk of their business online, it only makes sense for shipping companies to adapt and adopt new practices to grow with the rest of the industry.

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