Get Ready: CVSA International Road Check

International Road check

The International Road check hosted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is set to commence between June 5 and June 7, 2018, so get ready!

During the 3 day event, inspectors of commercial motor vehicles across North America will be inspecting both commercial motor vehicles and their drivers.

Get Ready: CVSA International Road Check

This year, the focus will be hours-of-service compliance. This focus is in response to the leading reason why commercial drivers were deemed out of service during the 2017 CVSA International Road check: hours-of-service. More than 30 percent of commercial vehicle drivers were taken off of the roads as a result of the violations they received that were geared toward regulations regarding hours-of-service. As such, it’s believed that this is an area that needs a great deal of attention. The president of the CVSA, Captain Christopher Turner, believed that the 2018 International Road check would be the perfect way to focus on how important hours-of-service regulations are.

Standard Level 1 Inspection

During this year’s International Road check, the North American Standard Level 1 Inspection will be the central focus. This inspection involves a rigid 37 step procedure, which incorporates an exam that relates to operating requirements for drivers, as well as an exam related to mechanical maintenance for commercial vehicles.

What will be inspected?

During the vehicle inspection, various elements will be checked, including the exhaust system, brake system, security of cargo, lighting elements, devices used for coupling, mechanisms for steering, tires, windshield wipers, and wheels, rims, and hubcaps. Buses will also have their emergency exists checked, as well as their electrical cables and seating.

Commercial vehicle drivers will be asked to show inspectors both their credentials for operating a vehicle and the documentation that shows their hours-of-service. Inspectors will also be checking to see if seat belts are being used and if drivers appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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