Holiday Season: Controlling Shipping Costs

holiday season

The holiday season is fast approaching and those with a projected “holiday 2017” delivery date should be shipping as soon as possible. For the freight world holiday shipping or for shippers in any peak season it gets chaotic, everyone is trying to clear docs, empty warehouses, and get their books in order.

The closer it gets to the actual holidays themselves, the more urgent a customer’s needs become to ship the product out so it leaves their location in enough time to get to the destination with the missing transit days accounted for. We wanted to bring you some quick strategies and tips that can help your holiday shipping woes or at any time of the year where you experience an increase in shipping volumes.


Holiday Season Shipping

Amid so much competition for shipping capacity, a strong holiday sales forecast will surely put even more pressure on shipping costs come November and December when the season hits its stride. The following tips can help you put the brakes on runaway costs:

  • Understand the Market
  • Consider intermodal when possible
  • Implement short-term pricing adjustments
  • Position yourself as a Shipper of Choice

Ready your packaging and shipping process

Dealing with the onslaught of holiday orders can be overwhelming. Get organized ahead of time and make sure you have plenty of thermal printer label rolls, packaging tape and other shipping materials on hand. You might also consider enlisting some seasonal employees to help you get those shipments out the door. If you are struggling with your shipping because of volume, Cannonball Express Transportation offers a wide variety of different shipping services that would fit your business.

Communicate with Carriers and Your 3PL Your Plan, Issues, and Needs

Sound shipper-carrier relationships establish an understanding of what both parties want to achieve. Knowing how to effectively work with your carriers, and realizing the impact of what each of you wishes to achieve, will help deliver tangible and sustainable results for the long-term and in the case of any peak season, works wonders to make sure you have confidence carriers are working with you in your times of most need.

Busy Holiday Shipping Season Tips

  • Have a good time
  • Get your freight in transit early
  • Patient