How to Find Semi-Truck Parking

How to Find Semi-Truck Parking

There are thousands of semi-trucks on the road at any point in time. If you are a semi-truck driver yourself, then you will know there are many unique challenges truck drivers face. Finding truck parking spaces is one such common obstacle for truck drivers, which can turn a simple route into wasted time and a nightmare. A parking space for a semi-truck isn’t always available or present on every route that you have to take… Or is it?

How to Find Semi-Truck Parking

Here’s your guide to semi-truck parking.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead saves time – and it counts for every single aspect of the logistics process. However, it is especially important when it comes to finding parking for a semi-truck. Parking a semi-truck is no easy task. Therefore, preparation can save you the trouble of driving around trying to find an available semi-truck parking spot.

Get to know nearby rest stops, truck stops, and other overnight parking places before you leave for the destination. Plan for traffic, check things such as the weather report ahead of time, and mark out the route. Be sure to identify any alternative routes that could lead you to the same place if there’s an obstacle or obstruction.

Know Where You’ll Park (Before Departure)

Know where you’ll park before departure. A parking location can be planned for and doesn’t have to be something that you only think about once you drive through the area. If you drive through without any planning at all, you’re bound to get stuck in a pinch – and from there, your trip could face all sorts of unforeseen delays.

Mark out any parking facilities or parking spots and compare them with the traffic report to the nearest available route. Although this takes a few minutes’ worth of preparation, any truck driver can attest to the amount of time it has saved them on the road.

Plan Further Ahead for Alternatives

Even if you have a good idea of where you’ll park as much as a week ahead of your trip, never assume that it’s going to look the same as the area you researched. Many things can be a cog in the wheel of what you planned for. For example, sudden changes in traffic patterns, accidents, natural disasters, or roadblocks can keep you from accessing a location that was once available.

Plan further ahead for alternative routes, and choose more than one parking area for your semi-truck. This can save you the hassle of getting to a spot only to find out that the one you chose is unavailable.

A Bird’s Eye View

Technology has made it possible to find a recorded or live (and instant) bird’s eye view of the environment on your route. As a modern truck driver, you’ll want to take full advantage of the technology that’s available to you. Check out the bird’s eye view (and additional street view) of the area you’re heading through.

Just a little bit of advanced destination planning can make all the difference – and help you find a better route to a parking bay that suits semi-truck drivers.

Commercial, Paid Parking Bays

It’s almost never a good idea to park your semi-truck just anywhere. In areas with a lower crime rate, you’re not guaranteed the safety of your truck when you’ve turned your back on it. This is true even if this period was “just for a minute or two”.

Look for commercial, paid parking bays that are closed off to access from the outside.

Additional Information: Truck drivers push for infrastructure dollars to expand parking capacity – NBC News

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