LTL Cargo Liability & Importance of Insurance

LTL Cargo Liability & Importance of Insurance

If you’re in the LTL cargo business, then one of the most important things you should learn to understand is the importance of having insurance – if you don’t, then you’re putting your clients at undue risk, and you might be unable to pay for the damage should a shipment become damaged in transit or go missing. This happens more often than you might think, which is why you can’t afford to be without insurance if you are transporting precious cargo on behalf of a client.

LTL Cargo Liability & Importance of Insurance

What is LTL Cargo?

If you’ve never heard of LTL before, it stands for Less Than Truckload, and it refers to any smaller shipments of cargo that aren’t enough to fill up a full shipment or truck; many people prefer to ship their stock this way simply because it’s cheaper to do so – but on the part of the cargo company, this puts the company at far more risk.

Why? Because you are transporting cargo for more than one client – and the liability becomes radically increased.

What is LTL Cargo Liability?

Insurance and liability are not the same thing. Carrier liability comes into play when shipments go lost or missing, and when it can be proved that this responsibility falls entirely on the carrier – there are several factors which can influence this decision, including whether the loss was due to an act from the carrier, or a third-party such as running into hijackers or pirates when transporting cargo: Realistically, this can happen.

The Importance of Insurance

It is vitally important if you want to protect your business , your reputation and your clients. Freight can be insured against many different types of losses, including the loss or destruction of the LTL cargo in transit. When does the carrier become liable? In legal terms, generally when it can be proved that the carrier was responsible – and this, in the most simple terms, is why you will need insurance: Because it’s not if it’ll happen, but when.

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