Shipping Alcohol: The Rise of Craft Breweries

Shipping Alcohol: The Rise of Craft Breweries The rise of craft breweries has meant that beer and the way it gets consumed has changed in a lot of ways. No longer do the larger beer brewing corporations hold the majority of the market share, but smaller breweries are also allowed to grab their chunk – and the more people are opting for craft beer, the larger this chunk gets. This change hasn’t just impacted beer drinkers, but also had a large impact on how alcohol gets packaged and shipped. Here’s what the craft brewery change has meant for the shipping industry.

Shipping Alcohol: The Rise of Craft Breweries

An Increase in Individual Branding

The more craft breweries there are, the more gaps there are for companies that take care of things like logo design and branding: Every craft brewery needs an interesting logo and design on their bottle – and most breweries are going to need to hire a company for both the design and printing needs that apply here. This has meant an increase in the amount of companies able to do branding.

Third-Party Logistics

Craft breweries are usually much smaller than the international brewing companies that provide beer to large segments of the world: This means that they have to do things a little differently when it comes to their distribution chain. The rise of craft breweries has opened up the market for a rise in third-party logistics. Companies are able to band together to make the cost of getting the beer from brewery to cooler box cheaper and easier.

Standards in Shipping and Beer

The rise of the craft brewing industry and the demand for beers to be shipped all over the world has meant that there’s more of a need to keep an eye on the industry to make sure there’s an international standard – and that beers get made and packaged properly for safe transit.

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