Stocking Stuffers for Freight Brokers

FreightWelcome to the holidays. Hopefully you’ve finished your shopping and can relax, instead of dodging the awful parking lot of your local shopping mall. But if you are one of the unlucky few who still needs check off a few items on that holiday wishlist, here are some stocking stuffer ideas for the freight broker in your life.

Stress Balls: Because the freight industry is crazy. And because it’s better than yelling at your co-workers.

Ping Pong Paddles: Because it’s never too early to start practicing for next year’s Ping Pong tournament.

Freight Coffee Mugs: It’s no secret that truck drivers work long hours. Help them keep up with their caffeine intake by giving them a travel mug. You can find 12 oz mugs to 64 oz jugs to keep your driver trucking along.

Wireless Headphones: Because finding the best office music is a fickle thing, and you can’t please everyone.

The DeskCycle: Because we spend too much time staring at our computer screens.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

Gift Cards:The old standby is, of course, gift cards! These are especially useful for truck drivers since they frequently stop at gas stations or big box retailers. Be sure to gift them a card to somewhere common so they don’t have to search very far to find their favorite store.

Leather Work Gloves: No one likes to be cold! When truckers are preparing their rigs for travel, a nice pair of durable work gloves can help speed up the process, preventing frostbite and small scratches.

Polarized Sunglasses: Sunglasses are especially important during the winter. Rays bounce off of snow and glare up at you. A nice pair of polarized sunglasses can help truck drivers protect their eyesight and look stylish!

Sandals: Truck stop showers can sometimes be a little iffy. Though winter seems like a crazy time to purchase sandals, they make for a great stocking stuffers. Keep your feet and the rest of your body clean by boldly strolling confidently into any truck stop shower room.

We wish the families of all of our truck drivers a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Hopefully these few tips will help you stuff those stockings full of treats that any truck driver would be ecstatic to find!