Ways To Prevent Cargo Theft

cargo theft

Cargo theft is increasing year to year. As we come up with better practices to keep our freight safe, fraudulent activity evolves simultaneously and becomes more and more sophisticated. It’s crucial to be aware of the potential risks and take all the precautions possible.

Ways To Prevent Cargo Theft

Keep the cargo moving

The longer a loaded trailer or container sits unattended, the higher the risk for theft. You should define limits on how long a loaded trailer or container can remain unattended under different circumstances. And you should collect data on where (and for how long) loaded trailers/containers sit along your supply chain to understand where you face the greatest risk for cargo theft.

Verify driver identity

Know who you are releasing the load to!

It’s important to implement necessary verification at all stages of the load movement cycle. Carrier vetting helps limit potential fraud situations, but doesn’t always provide 100% guarantee – the cargo theft professionals come up with various ways to work around it. The second round of checks must occur at the shipper – always verify the driver’s identity and make sure they are indeed working for the assigned carrier, and always keep accurate records.

Focus on the “hot spots” and “hot times.”

Cargo theft is highly concentrated, and if you drill down further, in certain cities, neighborhoods, and truck stops and other parking areas. Also, thefts occur more frequently on weekends (especially Saturdays) and they spike during holiday periods. So, focus your security efforts in the places and times they are most likely to occur.

Improve visibility

Don’t underestimate technology!

Use GPS tracking to your advantage and always know where you freight is instead of relying on verbal updates which may or may not be even close to the truth. Take advantage of GPS tracking offered by certain bigger carriers, 3PL’s which offer their proprietary tracking solutions, or work with your carriers/brokers on utilizing outside software if they cannot offer their own.

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