Contingency Plan Benefits for Reefer Companies During Disasters

Contingency Plan Every company needs a contingency plan. This is especially true for any essential type of business which falls within the supply chain network. Reefer companies need contingency plans for disaster events. Contingency plans are what allow your business to continue when everyone else is unable to keep up during disaster events such as a hurricane, tornado or the COVID-19 epidemic.

Contingency Plan Benefits for Reefer Companies During Disasters

How prepared is your reefer business for disasters like these? A contingency plan is what sets out what happens in the event of a disaster of any kind. Not all companies have one – but especially reefer companies should. When other companies shut down and lose revenue in the middle of a serious disaster, your contingency plan kicks in and allows you a serious advantage. Here are a few reasons why every reefer company should have a contingency plan for disasters in place.

1. Revenue

Revenue is one of the first reasons why a company should have a contingency plan in place. In the event that a serious disaster happens that could disrupt business, make sure that everyone knows what to do. Companies that shut down (or go haywire) in the event of an emergency or disaster isn’t a company that’s going to make money. If you want to be the opposite of this – and you almost certainly do – then have a contingency plan in place, period.

2. Competitor Advantage

Any competitors that don’t continue or aren’t able to meet demands in the event of a disaster situation are at a serious disadvantage compared to any companies who can. Ask yourself which side of the fence you want to be standing in this case: Almost certainly on the active company side – and this is where a contingency plan comes in. Continue operating, and you are in a better place than other companies who can’t.

3. Planning – When Other Companies Don’t

There’s a lot of advantage in being prepared when everyone else around you is not – and the merits of this is pretty clear in the logistics and supply chain industries. During the COVID-19 epidemic, some companies were able to meet sudden and rising demands – and other companies faded, later wishing they had been prepared enough to handle what was about to come. Any disaster or emergency situation is the same: Companies who planned for this ahead are the ones that will thrive.

4. Providing an Essential Service

Essential services are often ones that are allowed to continue even in the event of a serious disaster or emergency. Logistics are often counted as such an essential service – specifically because goods can still make it from one point to another in the event of emergencies or disasters: As a reefer company, you provide an essential service – and when government restrictions stand in the way of business (such as in COVID-19 lockdowns and laws) you might be allowed to continue when other companies are not.

5. Companies Who Care

Companies who care stick around in the minds of consumers. This means that companies who are able to provide for their clients – and maybe even offer special deals to them during emergency and disaster events – will be remembered even long after the disaster has passed. Making sure that you have a solid contingency plan in the event of an emergency or disaster means that your efforts to keep the supply chain going could mean more to customers and potential clients later on.

6. A Unique E-Commerce Gap

One of the first things that can surge in the event of certain types of emergency situations is e-commerce: When people are reluctant or unable to leave their home base, the need to have the same supplies delivered to them is high – and any reefer, shipping or e-commerce companies can take advantage of this temporary demand when it comes to filling it.

7. Time to Make a Difference

As a reefer company, having a contingency – plan in place in the event of a disaster or emergency could mean that it’s your time to make a difference to the world around you: Simply, it’s one of the best things you can do – and not just for the revenue or the acclaim, but for the good that it can achieve.

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