Frozen Foods & Consumer Trends

frozen foods For many years there was a dramatic shift away from frozen foods. More people were into fresh fruits and vegetables that were either locally sourced or certified organic. While there are plenty of organic options even in the frozen food aisles, families were opting for fresh instead.

Frozen Foods & Consumer Trends

Like all things, trends came and go depending on a wide assortment of factors. Currently, the trend of stocking up on frozen foods is making a comeback with consumers.

Consumer Cooking Trends

Most families are cooking at home more than they are eating out, currently. With grocery runs being kept to a minimum, many homes are stocking up on frozen goods to help round out their meals and make meal prep easier. Frozen items have a longer shelf life than fresh goods and are also easier to prepare. This has triggered a rise in sales among all age ranges and income levels in the population. With the Pandemic in full swing, frozen fruit, vegetables, and canned goods have come back into style with a vengeance. Even ahead of the pandemic, more homes were increasing stocks of frozen options. With restrictions in place, these trends will continue. The way people cook has dramatically changed. Furthermore, that is set to continue for at least another year, according to many reports.

Consumer Spending On Frozen Goods

In the early parts of the year, those who usually bought frozen items increased their spending in this area. About 10% of the total frozen food purchased nationwide were made by new frozen food customers. The selection of items that were most popular were pizza, vegetables, and meat items followed by other prepared foods and desserts. On average, those who did buy frozen goods purchased 35% more than usual to have on hand. In addition to buying more frozen goods, a lot of households have increased their purchases made online.

Why Are People Buying Frozen Items?

Fresh fruit and vegetables are very healthy, but with the restrictions in place that limit social interaction, they are not as easy to get. The stores are stocking them as often as before, however, it is not as safe or as easy for families to purchase fresh goods on a daily basis as was the norm in most households. Frozen goods are just as healthy, but can be purchased in bulk and stored for extended time periods. In addition to fresh foods, many people are not eating out as often as they used to, or even at all. The urge to eat prepared foods, comfort foods and junk food has not gone away. In fact, the desire for comfort foods has increased in recent months. Many people have turned to frozen options for their favorite comfort foods to help cut down on cost and to reduce exposure to the virus. Another reason that is not often talked about is the fear of a decrease in supply. With many industries shut down or operating on a smaller scale, production has fallen. This has triggered some families to hoard in anticipation of a lower supply of basic goods in the market.

New Offerings In The Market

Another reason frozen food is trending is that the options available are simply immense. Not only are new brands entering the market with ethnic, vegan, but also gluten-free options, old brands are also refreshing their selections. Meal options have more healthy choices that offer few calories and better ingredients. Salt content has been reduced dramatically in addition to the overall quality of the food improves. The flavor profiles are richer and the nutrition content is much higher than ever before making frozen food just as good or better than fresh options.

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