Why You Should Hire Refrigerated Trucking Companies

hire refrigerated trucking companies

There are some pretty compelling reasons to hire refrigerated trucking companies for goods that are refrigerated or frozen and need to be shipped to other locations across the country. Hiring a refrigerated trucking company can mean a higher cost, but for perishable goods, the money that you saved by eliminating waste from goods that have gone bad can be totally worth the extra expenditure.

Why You Should Hire Refrigerated Trucking Companies


The best refrigerated trucking companies out there deliver on time. This is something that many people do not take into consideration. These companies have staked their entire reputation on making sure that goods are arriving in the right condition, and that means not only maintaining the proper temperature inside the truck but also making sure that they get to the destination on time. When it comes to the transportation of frozen and fresh foods, restaurants and other businesses that get regular deliveries cannot wait for products that are late.


Another reason to hire refrigerated trucking companies is that they have the experience. When you have a refrigerated truck, perishable items are your business. You know how to pack them properly, you know how to transport them safely and you are an expert in the business of delivering and transporting frozen and fresh goods.


Some companies that choose to go with conventional transportation for goods that are perishable may want to consider weather conditions. When weather conditions change, it can mean millions of dollars in losses. Imagine transporting goods that would normally arrive just fine during a sudden and extreme heat wave. Your entire shipment can be ruined, which would mean your customers do not get the shipments that they are expecting and a disaster like that could very well spell the end of your business. But refrigerated truck companies are not subject to the weather – hot or cold.

Cannonball Express Transportation

Since 1970, Cannonball Express Shipping Company has been providing top-of-the-line service at a reasonable rate. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, we provide nationwide refrigerated LTL services, as well as, local delivery services.

Nationwide Shipping Company Services:

  • Refrigerated LTL deliveries in the lower 48 states
  • Refrigerated Cross dock

Local Shipping Company Services:

  • Redelivery Services
  • Truckload & LTL Capabilities
  • PUP
  • Cross dock
  • Transload
  • Warehouse and Distribution capabilities from multiple Omaha Locations