Improve Your Last-Mile Delivery Strategy

Improve Your Last-Mile Delivery Strategy | Cannonball Express Transp. Last-mile delivery strategy describes the part of logistics that gets the cargo to its final destination. Usually where it’s picked up by grocery stores or consumers. It can be one of the most important steps in the logistics process, because if something goes wrong here, companies and people won’t have access to essential products like food or consumables.

Ways to Improve Your Last-Mile Delivery Strategy

A company’s last-mile delivery strategy should be on-point. It’s likely that yours might not be functioning as well as it can.  Here are a few crucial though easy ways in which you can improve your last-mile delivery strategy for the long haul.

Are Your Vehicles Efficient for your Last-Mile Delivery Strategy?

If your logistics company doesn’t make use of the best vehicles that money can buy, or you don’t maintain your vehicles as often as they should, you’re on the losing end. Vehicles used for deliveries should always be checked when coming in and out, and subjected to a seasonal service two to four times per year to make sure they’re performing at their peak.

Be Insured Against Damages

Things can always go wrong during last-mile deliveries, but what stops it from costing you thousands of dollars is your insurance. Most types of things that can take place (from engine malfunctions through to options as bizarre as space invasions) can be insured against in some form or another. Make sure that your vehicle fleet is covered as part of your insurance – and double-check to make sure that you know just what the insurance plan covers versus won’t.

Plan Alternate Routes

Are factors like traffic and weather standing in the way of your last-mile delivery strategy? It’s a common problem for logistics companies, but it also has a common solution. Always plan alternate routes to your delivery destination for in case something happens – and when it does, you’ll already have an adequate back-up plan in place. This can save you a lot of time and keep your company on the road when everyone else around you is stuck.

Efficient Driver Training

Drivers are the lifeblood of any logistics company, and there are many simple ways to ensure that your workforce is more efficient. Driver training can provide your staff with essential skills that can help them to reach the destination safely, reduce the overall rate of accidents and increase the speed at which they can reach their destination. Simply, happy staff are hard-working staff. If you have an increased accident rate, driver training is where you can start to reduce it.

Partner Up

Partnering up with other logistics companies can make your last-mile deliveries more efficient and faster. Other companies aren’t always direct competition, but they can be a great asset to how well your logistics company operates when they’re instead treated as co-operatives instead of competitors. When companies are able to put their forces together for the last-mile delivery strategy, all of them can benefit. Whereas competitor-against-competitor in the logistics industry and can only become detrimental to the consumer at the end of the line when it happens.

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