Protecting Perishable Products

protect perishable products Transporting goods from one place to the next may seem simple, but when you are dealing with temperature sensitive items, things can get more complex. In the trucking industry, it is important to maintain temperature control for this cargo. Refrigerated transportation even follows different packing procedures to ensure that your item gets from point A to point B in the proper condition. We have put together a simple guide on protecting perishable products during transport through the supply chain.

Protecting Perishable Products

How To Protect Perishable Plants

Protecting plants is both simple and complex. Every type of plant will have different care instructions which will affect how they are stored and transported by reefer trucking. It is best to transport plants that have similar requirements together to ensure they survive their journey. For example, if you have plants that need shade and those that need open-air, bundle those with the same needs together. When moving perishable plants make sure that you water them several days in advance of transport. They should also be packed in crates that offer plenty of cushion for their pots, but also a snug fit to prevent jostling. If transporting the plants in closed boxes make sure they are clearly labeled so nothing is stacked on top of them. Don’t forget to poke air holes in the containers to prevent plant suffocation. After the plants have reached their final destination, it is critical that they be allowed to rest before getting move out of their boxes. Allow the plants 24- 36 hours to rest from the trauma of transport. Moreover, they should be stored in an area that allows for plenty of bright but indirect sunlight. Water and mist as needed to keep them hydrated.

How To Protect Perishable Food

Protecting perishable foods is pretty simple. Most frozen items will need to be transported from the store or main location inside of a cool vehicle. Depending on the type of product, the transit time will need to be as early as an hour after leaving the starting facility to as long as three hours after leaving the starting facility. For perishable food that will take time to transport, it is possible to extend the time it can spend outside of regulated refrigeration. Packing cold items in a cold storage container for transport will prolong the amount of time it can stay outside of a refrigerator. In the same vein, traveling in the evening hours will also prolong the food item’s longevity. In addition, the USDA has a thorough handbook for trucking and logistics pros who are transporting various types of produce, meat and dairy products. Not only cold items need to be properly stored and transported. Prepared foods, cooked food, and hot fresh food also need to have a stable temperature to prevent spoilage. In most cases, a short trip doesn’t require any special packing instructions to prevent the food from getting spoiled. Longer trips may require the use of a thermal transportation bag. This will not only lock in the heat but also keep the food fresh until it reaches its destination.

How To Protect Perishable Medication

Protecting medications is very important. Some medications lose their effectiveness if they go above or below a certain temperature. For transport of short distances, most temperature-sensitive medications can be placed in a cool spot out of the sun in the vehicle. For longer distances, it is a good idea to carry a cold case or thermal protection case for medication transport. Items that need to be kept at or below freezing can be packed with a brick of dry ice or even in a tub of regular ice. In some situations, it may be appropriate to include a thermometer in the shipping container along with the medications. This will ensure that proper temperatures are maintained at all times that the medication is out of a refrigerated compartment.

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