Can Reefer Trailers Carry Dry Freight?

Can Reefer Trailers Carry Dry Freight?

When it comes to shipping dry freight, many shippers do not think about using a reefer trailer for their shipments. This is actually a big mistake as shippers could save anywhere from six to fifteen percent on their shipments if the freight is moving into produce shipping area that is busy.

Can Reefer Trailers Carry Dry Freight?

A reefer trailer offers a good alternative to using a dry van trailer. One of the reasons why is because produce needs to be shipped in refrigerated trailers. During picking season, the competition for reefer trailer capacity is quite high as are carrier prices. Reefer carriers are anxious about getting their trailers into these lucrative markets. For this reason, they will negotiate rates on inbound lanes. If you happen to be shipping your dry freight to a produce growing area during the right times, you can save quite a lot. If you have a diligent freight broker they should track the different growing seasons of areas and alert you to these opportunities that can save you on shipping costs.

Pros and Cons Using Reefer Trailers Carry Dry Freight

There are several reasons to consider using a reefer trailer for your dry freight. While saving money on shipping is one of the main reasons to use a reefer trailer, another positive aspect of using reefer trailers for dry freight is the capacity. Reefer units can hold about 25 percent more than a dry van and other trailer types.

It is important to note that there are some dry products such as paper rolls will not work in a reefer truck because the metal floors will cause dents on the products. Overall, using a reefer trailer for dry freight can be quite a good thing for many businesses. It provides a way to get your items to where they need to go at a much lower rate.

How Reefer Containers Work

Reefer containers are delivery units that have air delivery from the floor. The chilled air comes from the floor of the unit through a unique decking. This decking can produce a uniform and consistent flow of air throughout the entire unit. This system is powerful enough to make sure that perfect air exchange reaches the whole shipment. A reefer unit will be able to maintain, lower, or increase the temperature of the shipment, no matter what conditions it is being shipped through.

Reefer benefits

Reefers play an essential role in cold chain logistics. Reefer trailers have several benefits.

Meeting geographical demands

Reefer freight helps meet the demand for fresh produce around the country. Refrigerated truck drivers are able to transport fresh perishables to far-flung areas around the country.

Variety of use

Refrigerated trucking is not only for fresh produce. There are other products companies must transport at specific temperatures. These goods include personal care products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plants, and some flammable products.

Safety and protection

One of the main benefits of reefer truck transport is the protection that it affords to materials and goods that are sensitive in nature. Temperature-controlled reefer containers protect goods against extreme weather conditions. Heat and severe drops in temperature can spoil perishables.

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