Shipping Fresh Produce Challenges

Shipping Fresh Produce Challenges Shipping Fresh produce has it’s challenges. When selecting a transportation provider, it is important that they have the capabilities to ensure your products reach their destination on time. Additionally, they must understand the special requirements necessary to complete a produce shipment safely and legally. Although the concept of transporting produce seems simple enough, there are many complications and each year billions of dollars are lost as food spoils during the transportation process.

Shipping Fresh Produce Challenges

The food and beverage sector is tightly connected with logistics and transportation. People are constantly searching for food items and fresh produce at stores all across the world. This means that the demand for fast and reliable food shipping is higher than ever.  Apart from time sensitivity, food supplies are extremely sensitive to spoiling. Perished products can easily lead to food poisoning and other effects of eating spoiled meals. Food retailers face numerous challenges while doing their job and have a large responsibility to meet the highest quality standards. Well-planned transportation helps to avoid these damage disruptions.

Trace-ability and visibility

One of the major undertakings in food supply chains is the ability to track and trace the location and condition of products. More and more customers pay attention to the product origin country, eco-labels, and other signs that increase visibility and guarantee authenticity.

Quality control and maintenance

Surely, with all the links involved in the chain, it’s important to ensure a smooth, well-organized, fast delivery. While many cases of food perishing takes place because of late delivery, other causes can include poor storage conditions, messy warehousing and inventory that affects the product quality. That’s why strict tracking of product condition is crucial for eliminating supply chain disruptions.

Legal and regulatory challenges

It is imperative that your products maintain high quality and are safe to eat. The FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is changing the United States food safety requirements so that they are focused on the prevention of foodborne illnesses. 

Warehousing that fits your needs

Just like shipping, not all warehousing needs are created equal. At Cannonball Express Transportation, is our extensive solution for temperaturecontrolled strategic warehousing. Whether it be storing, tempering, freezing, or needing multiple temperature storage solutions, we can fulfill your warehousing needs.

Selecting the right carrier

Having trust in your carrier is vital. In order to properly ship produce, carriers need to have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our strong carrier relationships allow us to help reduce exposure to major price spikes when produce season hits.

Refrigerated Shipping

Many consumer goods are subject to perishability or freeze-ability and require temperature-controlled transportation. Demand for this equipment has increased dramatically with the consumer preference for fresh and less processed products while the supply has seen little improvement due to the higher cost of ownership and a more challenging regulatory environment. This means significantly tighter capacity and often higher prices when compared to traditional truckload or dry van. Availability of refrigerated vehicles is also impacted by seasonality. Between April and July, it is prime produce season in the United States and temperature-controlled trucks are less plentiful on the spot market.

How can logistics companies help?

Since food supply chains are very complex, many companies outsource their logistics operations. Third-party logistics companies have experience in the industry, and can efficiently manage your transportation. Especially when it comes to shipment tracking, 3PLs step into the game with their capable resources for tracking and tracing your loads. Additionally, 3PLs can arrange smooth communication and execute tedious manual operations for you.

Cannonball Express Transportation

Cannonball Express Shipping Company has been providing top-of-the-line service at a reasonable rate. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, we provide nationwide refrigerated LTL services, as well as, local delivery services. Contact us today! Nationwide Shipping Company Services:
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