Shipping Perishable Foods

Shipping Perishable Foods

if you’re looking to ship perishable foods that need to be temperature controlled, you must take the proper steps and use appropriate materials to avoid spoilage. Need a frozen delicacy delivered but concerned it won’t stay ice-covered for the entire trip? Don’t despair. Suitable packaging and timing will help get your perishable foods to its destination before the thaw.


Packaging Perishable Foods


When shipping items that must be kept cold or frozen, it’s important to use the correct packing materials.

First, pack the item or items into airtight containers to minimize exposure and ensure there is no contact with the coolant materials.

Containers such as Tupperware, zip-top, or vacuum sealed bags are ideal. Next, get a thick styrofoam cooler. Ensure that the cooler is at least 1.5 inches thick to ensure insulation.



For starters, insulation is recommended to keep your goods at its desired temperature. It decreases the chances of transferring too much unwanted heat in and out of the package as its being delivered. This ensures your perishable foods stays at a cool, desired temperature.

The most useful methods used for package insulation are:

  • Expanded polystyrene foam (or EPS foam for short)
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Radiant barrier films


Refrigerants are even easier, all you need to do is ask your shipping dealer about these two materials:

  • Gel coolants
  • Dry ice

As a simple general rule of thumb, keep refrigerated products cool with gel coolants as the refrigerant and keep frozen products frozen with dry ice as the refrigerant. Note: for live seafood or similar products, use only gel coolants.

Shipping Perishable Foods

Under the best conditions, three days is considered the maximum amount of time items will survive during refrigerated shipping.

With this in mind, it is important to pick a fast delivery service.

Your best bet would be overnight or two day shipping, as this would get your perishable items to the destination before the temperature becomes compromised.

Cannonball Express Transportation

Unfortunately, even if all of these steps are followed perfectly, there is still a chance your refrigerated or frozen items will not survive being shipped.

Styrofoam coolers are susceptible to breakage or leakage, and the effectiveness of dry ice and gel freezer packs varies.

In addition, all of these materials and overnight shipping can be expensive.

To avoid the headache of packaging your own items, possible injury from handling dry ice, and the possibility of spoilage, consider turning to frozen food or perishable foods shipping services for your refrigerated shipping.

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