The Importance Of Cold Chain Logistics

The Importance Of Cold Chain Logistics

Everyone is affected by cold chain logistics every day, whether they are aware of it or not. Anyone in the logistics business will know just how important the industry really is as a driving force to all others. Without logistics, especially cold chain logistics, many other businesses would not be able to keep up their supply and demand. What exactly is cold chain logistics, and what is its importance in international industries?

The Importance Of Cold Chain Logistics

Cold chain logistics is a very specific part of the general logistics industry. Nothing would be quite the same without it. Keep reading for an inside look at the true importance of cold chain logistics, and why it matters to the rest of the supply chain.

Explaining Cold Chain Logistics

Cold chain logistics is the storage and transport of any goods that have to be kept under temperature control while in transit. Temperature control is usually an essential part of transporting temperature-sensitive products such as perishable food over long distances. Without refrigerated trucks (reefer containers), and a temperature control system, perishable goods might spoil.

When you think of products that travel in temperature-controlled containers, most people imagine food products. However, it’s very important to understand that this is not where the cold supply chain industry stops.

Cold chain logistics companies don’t just store and transport food. In fact, they transport and store other products that must stay within a certain temperature range too. Cold chain logistics is responsible for a large part of the international medical and pharmaceutical industry, too.

Biomedical products and equipment are common products that require temperature control as they move from one destination to the next to ensure product freshness.

Cold Chain Logistics Industry

According to Allied Market Research, the total size of the international cold chain logistics market was measured at more than $159,998.1 in 2018. By 2022, this figure should measure even higher after the industry has gotten back to its regular rhythm after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The same source points out that Asia-Pacific companies were responsible for the largest market share of these earnings.

As you can see, cold chain logistics is a huge international industry.

Nothing Moves Without Logistics

Everyone makes use of cold chain logistics in one way or another, and cold chain logistics is certainly not limited to the food industry. Nothing moves without logistics, and without cold chain logistics, most essential products would not be able to get to hospitals, patients, or to stores.

While cold chain logistics doesn’t sell products, they are imperative to most of the product sales that you see happening around the world.

From the transport of temperature-controlled biomedical goods to the food in your local store, everything passes through cold storage in some other way.

Cold Chain GPS Tracking

Cold chain logistics isn’t your dad’s business anymore. In the 21st century, cold chain businesses had to evolve. Today, the modern cold chain is technologically advanced thanks to artificial intelligence and GPS.

When any cold chain products are in transport, a high-quality, intelligent tracking system keeps an eye on the goods. The cold chain GPS tracking system also helps companies and supply chain managers to know where their stock is at all times.

Cold Chain Logistics & Hygiene

The majority of products that require temperature control cannot fall below a certain level. If temperatures rise or fall above the required temperature range at any point, the products could spoil and no longer be safe for usage or consumption.

Improper cold chain logistics can increase the risk of spoilage at the end destination, which can create a hygiene nightmare.

However, proper cold chain logistics practices, of course, helps to prevent this nightmare situation.

Cold chain logistics is vital to many industries, therefore, it always has to remain the strongest link in the supply chain: for health, speed, and safety.

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