What Are Reefer Containers?

What are Reefer containers Reefer containers refer to refrigerated containers. A reefer container is a large refrigerator that can be used to transport cargo that needs to be kept at a specific temperature. Some examples of temperature-controlled loads include meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and dairy. Some other items that are not food, but still need to be kept at a specific temperature include pharmaceuticals, films, and flowers.

What are Reefer Containers, and What do you Use Them for?

Some cargo will have to be frozen or chilled or in a very controlled temperature while traveling across land or even oceans. A reefer container will be able to keep the cargo at the necessary temperature for the entire time of the transit.

How Reefer Containers Work

Reefer containers are delivery units that have air delivery from the floor. The chilled air comes from the floor of the unit through a unique decking. This decking can produce a uniform and consistent flow of air throughout the entire unit. This system is powerful enough to make sure that perfect air exchange reaches the whole shipment. A reefer unit will be able to maintain, lower, or increase the temperature of the shipment, no matter what conditions it is being shipped through.

Cold Treatment

Some types of fruit potentially carry pathogens. Some countries that import these types of fruits, such as Nigeria, Japan, and China, will require the fruit receive a cold treatment. This is called a Steri shipment. For this type of delivery, the fruit has to be cooled to a lower temperature than commercial market temperatures. To make sure that the fruit stays at this cooler temperature for the duration of the trip, steri probes will be inserted into the center of the fruit. There is very little tolerance allowed for temperature changes on these types of loads. If the tolerance is exceeded in either direction, there will be additional hours and possibly days required in order to get the products back to the temperature that is required. If the probe goes above the tolerance level, the cargo will not be accepted by the destination country because of the possible pathogens the fruit may have.

Tips for Transferring Cargo in a Reefer Container

Several rules must be followed when transferring cargo using a reefer container. First, when loading cargo, it is important to make sure that it is not placed beyond where the cooling floor ends, and it should not be past the red load line. All of the cargo needs to be stable on the floor and wedged in tightly so that it does not move during transit. Make sure the temperature is set correctly for the cargo that is being hauled. The dehumidification must be checked and that the ventilation is set at the appropriate levels. There should be no restrictions of airflow as this is important for keeping the cargo in the proper temperature for the duration of the trip. Reefer containers are mostly used by larger companies that need to deliver items across countries to be sold. However, they can also be rented and used by individuals who need to send temperature-controlled goods from one destination to another. The containers will keep the contents at the same temperature throughout the duration of the trip, no matter how long and no matter what the temperature outside may be. This is important for many types of items and is the best way to keep these items from going bad while in transit.

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